My Core Values

Lifestyle Evangelism: Christianity is not just a Sunday thing; it is a life of love and commitment to Christ.  It is one thing to read the Gospel; it is another to live the Gospel.

Community:  Building relationships with other Christians is one of the great strengths of Christianity: we are a family, together and strong. It is important to build community in any ministry of the church.

Discipleship: This is a key to spiritual growth and a secret weapon to protect us from the attacks of the enemy.  I have seen discipleship be a sorely under-practiced value of the church, yet good discipleship often means the difference between a growing Christian and a backsliding Christian.

Prayer:  This is a powerful part of our Christian walk and the ministry as a whole.   Prayer is the fuel that drives the ministry.  Any decisions made without prayer are made in the flesh. I value my prayer time as perhaps the most important and effective time spent growing the ministry.

Action: We are not “pew-potato” Christians, but Christians who actively help their community, reach out to the poor and needy, and share with the lost as Christ exemplified.

Integrity:  We are committed to being who we say we are.  So many Christian churches have fallen into hypocrisy, driving many away from the church.

Accountability:  This is a great way for us to insure our integrity as Christians: every leader and member in the church should be in a strong accountability relationship with a brother or sister in Christ.  “As iron sharpens iron so does one man sharpen another.”

A Passionate Pursuit of God: We as followers of Christ and as a church don’t have time to be stagnant; it is our obligation to passionately pursue God and His purposes in the Earth.